Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation - Questions to Consider

How do doctors remove ovarian tissue?
The surgery, called a laparoscopy, is an outpatient procedure that only takes about 30-45 minutes.

What is the recovery time?
About 2-3 days after surgery, normal activities can resume or cancer treatment can be initiated.

What is the success rate?
Currently, ovarian tissue cryopreservation is still in the experimental/developmental phase. To date, pregnancies have not yet been achieved using immature eggs from frozen ovarian tissue. The goal is to develop this technology over the next several years to allow women to use eggs from their thawed tissue to obtain a pregnancy.

How much does the procedure cost?
A good estimate is in the neighborhood of $10,000, but it varies depending on the hospital and its ability to perform the procedure at a discounted rate. Consult your healthcare provider for coverage information. Financial counselors may be available to discuss payment plans and financial assistance if needed.