My pregnancy success and concerns after surviving cancer

My pregnancy success and concerns after surviving cancer

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Laura, Survivor

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When I met with my oncologist the first two times, I didn’t even think to ask her about fertility to me, it was all about me. It was about saving MY life. It was about getting this cancer out of my body as quickly as possible. I didn’t even think to ask about fertility and she didn’t even think to offer it to me, I don’t think. At least, I hope that she didn’t, that it was an oversight. I hope it wasn’t something that she purposefully left out.

And after I had my bilateral mastectomy and I met with my oncologist again, that’s when I had time to digest my surgery and then ask her “Well, before we start chemotherapy now, what are the chances of me having a child or children after this?”

I was very surprised when I got pregnant, and so was my oncologist. I actually brought the stick in and I showed it to her, and, we laughed, I cried. She couldn’t believe it. She was so excited for me, but still, she just couldn’t believe it.

Her reaction to me getting pregnant, as happy as she was, it was almost as if, I got the impression from her that I shouldn’t be getting pregnant…because, I had breast cancer.

What was I thinking getting pregnant? Especially only a year and a half after my diagnosis. Chemotherapy was still fresh. My body was still recovering from chemotherapy itself, and all of the sudden, I show up in her office pregnant. And I asked her, I said, “Is it OK if I’m pregnant?”

What a crazy question that is. I mean, we shouldn’t have to ask that question. Is it OK that I’m pregnant after chemotherapy? I should have known that information already. Whether it be from her, whether it be from any of my other doctors or books or online or on Web sites. I wanted to find that answer, is it OK for me and is it OK for my child?