My thoughts on surrogacy

My thoughts on surrogacy

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Marci, Survivor

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My hope for the future is to have a family. I’m not sure exactly how we’ll be doing it—there’s some question in that area. Following my chemotherapy and radiation I started taking Tamoxifen and then Zoladex was added, and those both are intended to prevent a recurrence of cancer. The intention is to stay on those for at least 5 years, and given my current age, and the desire to have a family now, we’re thinking that we might actually pursue surrogacy to be able to have those embryos become children, so that’s what we’re thinking.

Just because we have an embryo doesn’t mean that it will become a successful pregnancy, and how do we both feel about that, and given that this third person is suddenly involved…it’s definitely an area that I never envisioned myself having to learn so much about, but, I don’t know, you just kind of take things as they come, and so I think one way or another it will work out.